A neck sprain is caused by an overstretched or torn ligament within the neck. Neck sprains are generally linked to whiplash. Whiplash can result from a car accident, amusement park rides that snap your head around, playing a contact sport, or any abrupt impact that forces your neck beyond its usual range of motion. A torn ligament in your neck can lead to extreme pain and the severe restriction of your head and neck motion. Fortunately, CBD can help with neck sprain by reducing the associated pain and inflammation.

What is a Neck Sprain?

A neck sprain happens when a  ligament or muscle within the neck is stretched beyond its normal range of motion. A neck sprain may happen without any clear injury though occasionally it may result from an abrupt impact with an object. The impact may force the neck to rapidly stretch beyond its normal range and then snap back hard. This is frequently termed a whiplash injury. Rear-end car mishaps, jerking of the head during amusement park rides, or getting kicked are the most common types of impact that may lead to a neck sprain.

Causes Of Neck Sprain

Neck sprains are normally caused by an impact or force that makes your neck extend quickly beyond its normal range and then snap back forcefully. While the names “strain” and “sprain” are frequently used synonymously, a sprain particularly denotes ligaments (the fibrous tissues that join joint bones together), whereas a strain signifies muscles and tendons (the fibrous tissues that attach bones to muscles).

Whiplash can include the whole of these neck structures, denoted individually as the cervical muscles, cervical ligaments, and cervical tendons.

Symptoms Of Neck Sprain

Symptoms of neck sprain don’t generally appear at the spot of an injury or impact. Occasionally it needs 1 to 2 days for the initial pain and stiffness to develop. Common symptoms of a neck sprain are:

  • Neck pain that increases with movement
  • Muscle spasms and pain in the upper back and shoulders
  • Neck stiffness restricts the range of motion
  • Ringing in the ears (tinnitus)
  • Headache, usually in the back of the head

How CBD Is Useful For Neck Sprain

If you are suffering from neck sprain, CBD helps to alleviate its symptoms due to its analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and muscle-relaxant properties.

Aids To Control Inflammation

The anti-inflammatory qualities of CBD aid to control inflammation emerging from neck sprain. The body on irritation sends a bunch of invading immune cells to the area to remove any pathogens that may be damaging your body. Too much inflammation can worsen the problem where CBD comes in. CBD elevates the endocannabinoid 2-AG that reduces the number of immune cells discharged.

Acts Like A Pain Reliever

Constant inflammation during neck sprain leads to chronic pain. It is induced about by macrophages – essential large white blood cells available in the immune system, which identify and consume bacteria, parasites, and viruses. Such macrophages enter a region where cytokines and cytotoxins are getting discharged, causing irritation and inflammation. CBD upon accessing the body at start functions like an analgesic upon the neurotransmitters, alleviating pain normally.

An important way CBD assists in alleviating pain is by conserving Anandamide – an endogenous cannabinoid normally available in our body also termed bliss molecule. When CBD accesses the endocannabinoid system, it halts anandamide from deteriorating too fast, by linking with the proteins which split the bliss molecule. Thus, CBD assists anandamide stays within the system more, which enables the ECS to control more effectively.

CBD also aids in pain alleviating b regulating and modulating endorphins. These Endorphins are the feel-nice chemicals present within the body which aid with pain. CBD assists to elevate the internal endorphins naturally, eliminating the risk of depending on synthetic drugs and Opioids.

CBD Can Mend Tissues

The plant compound CBD is loaded with antioxidants like Vitamin C which combats oxidative stress and also vital minerals and omegas 3 and 6. Besides, CBD also includes collagen which is a key component of tissues and aids to heal tendons and ligaments as it assists to develop and mend tissues in the body. In the case of tendons and joints, collagen performs as the glue that aids in holding together the body.

CBD Performs As A Muscle Relaxant

The pain usually accompanies muscle spasms in neck sprain. The brain sends signals to the adjoining muscles to compress when an area is affected. The body generates endocannabinoids to even out such signals which are not plentiful in instances in the event of chronic pain. Here CBD can assist by interacting with the neurons within the muscles. Accordingly, whenever there are muscle constriction and convulsions, CBD dispatches signals to them to ease and relax. This can be witnessed in neck sprain sufferers where CBD retards and eases the muscle spasms.


The neck is a complex mix of bones, tendons, and ligaments. It performs a role in our everyday activities and head movement. It’s not surprising then, that neck sprain can hugely impact a person’s everyday life. CBD helps to alleviate neck sprain due to its various medicinal properties like analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and antispasmodic properties.