Spending a long time in the pool or beachside can leave your skin red and inflamed. A sunburn is a reaction of your skin towards ultraviolet rays (UV rays). Just 10 minutes of UV exposure can lead to sunburn. The first sign of sunburn is redness which is the result of the inflammatory response to repair the damaged blood cells. After suffering from a sunburn your skin will start losing moisture, you will feel tightness in your skin after some time your skin cells will get thick and pigment will be produced to stop Uv rays. Sunburns affect everyone at some point and it is very important to give proper care and treatment to sunburns to prevent infection and blistering. If proper precautions are n cancer.

Today in this article, you will read more about sunburn and its treatment option. I will also tell you how CBD can help in treating your sunburn.

Sunburn: Signs & symptoms

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The symptoms of sunburns vary from person to person. The early symptom of sunburn is redness, peak redness can be seen in 12 to 24 hours. Below, I have mentioned symptoms related to severe type of sunburn.

  • Chills
  • Fever
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Weakness
  • Fatigue
  • Redness
  • Black Patches over the skin
  • Fainting

Can CBD help in Sunburn?

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CBD is the natural chemical compound which is found in the flowers of the hemp plant and it is rich in the anti-inflammatory property which is beneficial in sunburn. CBD is also rich in the antibacterial and antioxidant property which act as fighting radical against sunburn. CBD also has essential fatty acids which help you to fight with dry skin.

How you can use CBD in Sunburn?

The most common way to use CBD in sunburn is CBD Topical. CBD Topical can be any cream. Lotion. Salve or balm. Before using CBD topical make sure you wash your skin properly and then only apply CBD Topical over the affected area. If you are suffering from a severe type of skin burn then use CBD Topical with aloe vera or coconut oil. Aloe vera and coconut oil are two main ingredients which you can use with CBD Topical. If you don’t prefer to use CBD topical then you can use CBD in vapor form through vape pen to get relief from pain caused by sunburn.

Other ways to protect yourself from Sunburn

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If you forget to apply SPF before getting out in the sun then also there are some ways by which you can prevent yourself from Sunburn.

Get Shelter from Sun

If you forget to apply SPF it is better to stay in the shelter. You will only make worse if you get out in the sun. If it is important to go out then use an umbrella.

Drink plenty of water

Sunburn can also lead to dehydration because your skin draws fluids. According to Skin Cancer Foundation drinking ton of water can reduce all the symptoms of sunburn.

Take cold shower

Taking a cold shower can reduce the chance of developing sunburn. Having a cold shower will give you immediate relief from burning sensation.

Final Thoughts On CBD In Sunburn

Other than providing you pain relief CBD is also effective in reducing inflammation and providing relief against the most common symptoms of sunburn. The Ozonated CBD Topical Skin Issue Resolver is the most natural and safest remedy against a sunburn. The best thing about CBD products is that they are completely non-sticky and they have zero side-effects and you know they will also not make you high. You can easily apply them topically and experience the benefits by yourself. Apart from sunburn, you can use CBD against different medical conditions such as anxiety, bipolar, depression, ADD, ADHD, herpes, cancer, anxiety, depression, acne, psoriasis and many more.

In this article, I have mentioned all the essential information related to sunburn and use of CBD against sunburn. If you have any question or suggestions related to this article then we will be glad to listen to them. If you have any other natural treatment option for sunburn then feel free to share with us.
Thank you for reading this article!

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