CBD Cream Products Review

THE WORLD’S ONLY Ozonated CBD Topical Skin Issue Resolver


Ozonated Coconut CBD Skin Issue Resolver is a blend of coconut oil with ozone bubbled in to the medium to create a salve that is helpful in beating out fungus, viruses, treating acne, psoriasis and eczema. Ozone not only protects the earth’s atmosphere, but our bodies too! It is an irritant when breathed, but is life-saving when used topically or intravenously. Ozone hyperoxygenates the body’s bloodstream and helps to wipe out free radicals. It is easily absorbed into the skin where it is very effective.


The best thing ever made. I suffered from eczema nothing seemed to help, I started using this and withing 2 weeks it went away. I also experience herpe outbreaks and as soon as I feel it coming I start applying this on the area couple times a day and prevents it from ever bursting and dries it out within 3 days. The smell I got over, its something that truly works and nothing to be ashamed of.

I am dealing with Skin Problems since I stopped taking the anti Baby pill. After 2 weeks I can see some results. But I don’t expect that your Skin will become perfect overnight.

I use this on my daughter’s winter excema, as well as our scrapes, cuts, and burns. I even use it on my face, when I get blemishes. I love the topical CBD!

I bought this to help with my eczema and thus far (been using it for about a week) I’ve seen great results. Itching has substantially been reduced and skin looks a lot less irritated. So excited about this!

I’ve always suffered from severe czema on my hands, this amazing topical oil helped with the dryness, and redness! I use it all over my body and it has reduced the inflammation and redness on my hands!

This is helping my acne soooo much. My acne is hormonal, caused by birth control. This is the only thing that has worked in the year that I’ve been searching for something to clear up my skin.

I use this on my face every morning and its absorbs fast and does not leave you greasy. I used it for a rash on my neck and it has diminished almost all the way, the flare ups of flare ups on my face and neck rashes do not come back anymore.

Immediate relief of any skin issues. Whether it be itch or scaly skin, just rub some on,and it is better!

Living in a constantly cold country, the skin on my legs tend to be dry no matter how much body lotions and moisturisers I use. Usually followed by itching to the point that I see spots of blood. I recently started using the Ozonated coconut cbd oil and the itching has gone almost immediately. Would like to say special thank you to the customer service, for meeting my special requests and making some adjustments. Thank you.

I have had skin problems and rosacea for years. I have recently started using this product on my face daily and have noticed a decrease in redness, itching, and dry and flaky skin. I would definitely recommend this product!

Love this product! It makes my skin on my face super soft! I normally have oily to combination skin and it helps keep that glowing balance!! I have only been using for about two weeks and notice that my face stopped breaking out. Now just waiting for the scars to go away 🙂

Debbie F.
This product I actually use on my face as well as my neck and knee. I first discovered this product through yoga. Love love.